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 Help us provide training to Buddhist temples and humanitarian agencies to improve their skills and productivity


Unfortunately Buddhist organizations do not often have a name for being able or operating Humanitarian projects or relief projects. It is sad but true.


But this can be changed , I am Master Hughes I have a long history of implementing effective programs. See my Buddhist background.  Now I want to help other Buddhist groups by providing the training and skills they need to help others.


This project is to help provide training to help increase the influence of Buddhism, and give Buddhist communities professional training that will help the in their humanitarian work.

To do this I need additional funds to buy equipment needed to produce these training films. I usually raise the money I needed to provide to humanitarian training thru my own work . but to accomplish this I will need assistance from the community.

 The funds will be used for  equipment and travel such as I will need A modern camera using 1080 i  software editing station. I am already donating the use of the National Meditation center building for use in the project.


Many of you are in the position to simply make this happen. your influence can help me touch thousands of lives.

I have worked with thousands and you can be the person that makes it happen again.