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Disaster equipment for journalists

 Here is some reccomended emergency equipment for jounalists and videographers or Active Travelers Master Hughes

  If your a Journalists, Field Correspondents or Videographers , Pilots  Expatriate Professionals ,  Corporate Executives , Disaster Relief Workers , , Educators  Students Abroad ,    Vacationers and Tourists ,  NGO Volunteers and , Contractors , OCONUS Government Staff .


Field Safety quick tips

  Don’t put yourself at risk take personal safety security training like Alphacorps executive travel security program. An untrained person can become a burden to emergency crews and colleagues.

Teams should work in teams of at least two and preferably three people during disasters one team member should carry a small first-aid kit and emergency bag and communication equipment.

Monitor road and other travel conditions and keep each other informed of changing conditions. Evacuation routes should be planned and updated as needed. Have a extraction plan for removing individuals at risk.

Press vehicles should be equipped with emergency gear, including a first-aid kit, road flares, and blankets. Know  where to obtain emergency rentals of vehicles, and  communication equipment.

Equipment sugguestions.

  Waist Pack or carry kit in a vehicle should consider carrying these things.

 GPS Satellite phone is prefered but costly.

Drinking Water Purification  Equipment and Collapsible 1-liter Water Bottle

Compass and Thermometer

Small First Aid Kit and Over the Counter Medications (Includes pain relievers, antiseptics, anti-diarrheal, antihistamines)

Multi-Function Headlamp preferred led for long life and small battery size.

High Intensity Flashlight  with strobe

  Multi-Tool by Leatherman

Small tanto type knife

Mylar Lightweight Blanket if in cold climates apprpriate sleeping bag.

Hidden Waist-side Pouch  I  prefer the one that fits inside your pants not the external pouch. Waterproof Bag for Currency, Passport and Cell Phone Handgun, Money or Passport

 Fire Starter of some type

550 Multi-Strand Cord Nylon trout line is great.

Small solar charger to recharge Lithium Batteries for all Electronic Devices

 By Alphacorps security experts.