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Four wheel drive training

Off road training
 Master Hughes

 Alphacorps is one of the few trainers for Texas Individuals and business men, corporations, needing 4 wheel drive training for their staff working in the field or overseas in areas like the Philippines,  or Nigeria.  We provide four wheel drive training to agencies and individuals in Houston Texas.

We do not provide four wheel drive vehicles  Companies must provide a companies vehicle that is  Insurance.   We offer private training for the same prices as most group classes.
For  Doctors Lawyers business men  relief workers Emergency workers, or just for fun.
Why take a four wheel drive course.
1. Improper operation of your vehicle can cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage to a vehicle

Level I 4WD Training Outings
Have you bought a new 4 wheel drive are you a agency needing training for your staff
Our class is 30% theory 70 % practical Certificate for level one training can be provided upon request.

Classroom, hands-on workshop, trail rides. Learn how to operate a 4 wheel drive .aid, relief, humanitarian ,disaster training. Operate a 4 drive safely and competently
4x4 vehicle basics .Introduction to different 4wd systems. Vehicle inspection.  Trail safety and etiquette.
Driver strategy Basic recovery techniques.
General safety for off-roading
Approach, departure, break-over and rollover angles
When to use high- and low-range (the little gearstick)
Differentials, hubs and traction control
Instruction 500.00 per day
 Course price 1 day 500 per student 4 to 8 students per class preferred maximum
We also Specialized  anti carjacking courses




Executive travel security training
We offer Corporate and Private clients anti-carjacking awareness training.  Vehicle Security Awareness Car-Jacking Prevention  take a anti carjacking course

Want a private class

 If your a doctor lawyer or CEO your worth it
2.Youve become a target you spend a lot of money to go on a Hunting trip or travel overseas but what is your security worth to your family of yourself.
If you pre-pay 10 days in advance of the course date you   pay only US $952 per person. On demand price for the course is US$1,190 per person.